Moving Timeline: Moving Day & Beyond



Here at Berman Moving & Storage, making your move as stress-free as possible is important to us. We’ve put our heads together and come up with the ideal timeline to prepare for your move.

Moving Day

It is your responsibility to see that all of your goods are loaded, so be sure to remain on the premises until loading is completed. After making a final tour of the house to be sure no items have been overlooked, check and sign the inventory. Get your copy from the van operator and keep it.

Approve and sign the combination Bill of Lading and Freight Bill. It states the terms and conditions under which your goods are moved and is also your receipt for the shipment. Be sure you have a completed and signed the declared valuation statement in the space provided on the Bill of Lading.

Complete and sign the High-Value Inventory form, whether or not items of extraordinary value are included in the shipment. You also need to sign and date the "Extraordinary (Unusual) Value Article Declaration" box on the Bill of Lading, if applicable to your shipment.

Make sure the van operator has the exact destination address. Be sure about where and how you can be reached, including telephone numbers, pending the arrival of your household goods. Make sure your move coordinator has this information as well.

Please keep your telephone connected throughout moving day.

Last Minute Details

Take a last look around:

  • Is the water shut off?

  • Is the furnace shut off?

  • Are the light switches turned off?

  • Are the utilities arranged for disconnection?

  • Are the windows shut and locked?

  • Are the old house keys surrendered?

  • Have you left anything?

Delivery Day

Be on hand to accept delivery. If you cannot be there personally, be sure you give written authorization to your representative to accept delivery and pay the charges for you.

Using the van operator's inventory, check your household goods as they are unloaded. If there is a change in the condition of the property from that noted on the inventory at the time of loading or if any items are missing, note any damage and/or missing items on the van operator's copy of the inventory sheet. By signing the inventory sheet, you are acknowledging receipt of all items listed. Personally report any loss or damage to your move coordinator.

When unloading, each piece of furniture will be placed as you direct, including the laying of rugs. If unpacking of the boxes is desired, it will be scheduled the day after delivery, provided that day is not a weekend. Unpacking will consist of unwrapping the articles and placing them on countertops or tabletops. You can then put them away as they are unpacked.

Keep all documents pertaining to your move in a safe place. You will need them for verification of moving expenses when you file your federal income tax return.

To prevent possible damage, television sets, other electronic equipment, and major appliances should not be used for 24 hours after delivery, allowing them time to adjust to room temperature.

One Week After

Check with the post office for any mail being held and ask for delivery to start.

Check state (and local) requirements for auto registration and an operator's license.

Once you've selected a family physician and dentist, you'll need to have records transferred. Usually, dental records can be sent to your new dentist by simply making a phone call. Transferring medical records from your previous physician normally requires a written request and your signature. If you want to obtain any previous hospital records on your health history, write the medical records department at the hospital where you were a patient. You'll need to include your previous physician's name and the name of your new doctor.

You may want to select an attorney to discuss laws that pertain to your destination state, county, and/or city. Be sure to cover such matters as wills, transfers of property and investments, insurance regulations, inheritance laws, taxes, etc. Most laws affect a family as soon as residence in the new state and city is established.



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